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Sino Bright School (SBS) is one of the oldest, largest, and most reputable international school organizations in China; made so by a tradition of educational excellence spanning more than 19 years and operating multiple schools across China and Canada. SBS draws from the best of Chinese, Canadian and International learning traditions and weaves them into a powerful education model. Leading to 100% of grade 12 graduates going to the university of their choice. Our school specializes in and targets the needs of students studying in preparation for university. Providing students with an attentive program that ensures a safe, caring and suitable environment to learn in. Our focus and purpose are to help students gain independence and the skills necessary to succeed in the post-secondary world.  

Sino Bright School provides a multitude of curriculums: Canadian, American AP and British A- Level at different campuses designed to support the individual learning needs of our students. We have campuses offering K-12 and while the rest offering  8-12 curriculum. Please find more details in Our Campus section

We are more than welcome to have visitors and would like to invite you to share in the Sino Bright School experience. Please find us on the contact information page.


Sino Bright School aims to inspire students to achieve academic excellence and develop personal confidence in a loving, secure and supportive environment


Through extra-curricular events and academic courses, students at Sino Bright School grow as citizens, learn the joy of serving others and develop strength and breadth of character


We aspire to make your admissions process easy and straightforward. If we can be of any assistance along the way, our Admissions team will be happy to offer support. Please feel free to contact us at any time


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