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Advanced Placement (AP) is an international program that brings university-level courses into high schools. AP students who perform well often receive academic credit at post-secondary institutions.​

Advanced Placement courses offer:

  • enrichment

  • challenge

  • flexibility

  • university preparation

  • international recognition

You may be interested in learning more about the Advanced Placement program through the following links:

Sino Bright Schools' versatile timetable allows students at any grade level to take advantage of the many Advanced Placement (AP) options offered at our school. Over 1000 post-secondary institutions in the USA and Canada regularly grant advanced placement into a second-year course or first-year credit to students achieving AP examination results of 4 or higher. The AP program is administered by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey. AP examinations are offered annually in May throughout North America. The examinations are graded from 5, indicating the student is extremely well qualified, to 1, the low point on the scale. Our students write AP exams here on campus and routinely achieve excellent results.


As a university preparatory school, Sino Bright School believes that Advanced Placement is the best way to prepare our students for the challenges of higher learning:

  • research shows that students who take AP courses have better four-year graduation rates than those who did not take AP

  • a 2008 study showed graduation rates for AP English Literature students were 62 percent higher than graduation rates for those who took other English courses in high school

Not only do our students enter university better prepared, they also earn credit and advanced university placement through their participation in the AP program:

  • more than 90 percent of four-year US colleges and universities grant credit or placement for qualifying AP exam scores

  • universities from more than 55 countries recognize AP results for credit and advanced placement 

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