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Advanced Placement


We believe students thrive in an environment where each student can explore and develop their abilities and talents. From art, music, athletics to debating and so much more, our Co-Curricular Programme is as diverse and interesting as our students and teachers.


Through participation in a range of field trips, outdoor education experiences, debating tournaments, chess clubs and community service initiatives, we see our students develop their confidence, a comfort with taking risks and understanding of the importance of community.

Integral to Sino Bright School experience, co-curriculars work in partnership with our academic programme to give students the opportunity to build skills, find passions and serve their school and local community.  Before school, at lunch or after-school, teachers and students come together to play a sport, jam in the music room, debate world issues or write articles for our school newspapers. There’s never a dull moment.


Our Athletics Programme takes pride in developing the athletic talents of all our students.


Participation in athletics Sino Bright School provides our athletes with the opportunity to compete, develop their skills, build long-lasting relationships with their teammates and above all, have fun.


Through quality training and teaching, our athletes develop habits that inspire and sustain an active and healthy lifestyle.

We encourage every student to join at least one team.


There is something for everyone - competitive basketball, cross-grade and co-ed ultimate, track and field, volleyball, badminton, golf and more.



However, we are much more proud of the spirit and passion of our athletes. 


We know that high school sports are about the process, not the result, and that character is built throughout the season, not just in the championship game.

Shawnigan offers a wide range of competitive and non-competitive sports, meaning students can work towards university or professional sports, as well as developing lifelong skills and habits.

Most importantly, we believe deeply in the values gained through sport, and in the transfer of those values to academics, residential life, leadership and service.


Education in the 21st century has enjoyed a renewed emphasis on creativity.


At Sino Bright School, we believe the Arts promote creativity, self-expression, and teamwork.


It's something we try to instill in all aspects of the school experience, though nowhere is it more direct or prevalent than in the arts.


The arts help students visualize an idea and see a complex process through to reality.


They teach patience, humility, and confidence. They enrich the imagination and challenge the mind. They provide balance and perspective.


The arts create culture and civilize us.

With a rich and varied arts and activities program, Sino Bright School nurtures personal growth and helps cultivate lifelong skills and passions.

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