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Sino Bright School (SBS) is one of the oldest, largest, and most reputable international school organizations in China; made so by a tradition of educational excellence spanning more than 19 years and operating multiple schools across China and Canada. SBS draws from the best of Chinese, Canadian and International learning traditions and weaves them into a powerful education model. Leading to 100% of grade 12 graduates going to the university of their choice.


SBS oversees the operations across the campuses and closely integrates its resources to support each other – staying strong and growing together. We provide a multitude of curriculums: Keystone Diploma (U.S.), Dogwood Diploma (Canada), and A-Level (British) at different campuses designed to support the individual learning needs of our students.


Our schools are fulfilled with passionate, highly experienced, and qualified teachers and leaders, who share a common commitment: we all want the very best for your child and for your family.


Our goal is to help students gain the independence and skills necessary to succeed in the post-secondary world while studying in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. To provide students with exceptional opportunities to grow as individuals, scholars, and as contributing global citizens.


As an international school, we prepare our students to be well-rounded global citizens who are prepared to study abroad with high independency, adaptability, and discipline.  We work to provide a smooth transition for students to build an academic foundation that equips them with the skills necessary to succeed after graduation.


Sino Bright School aspires to create an environment that cultivates innovative young people with a passion for life-long learning.  Our vision is to promote integrity, inspire leadership, develop critical thinkers and creative students who are able to go into the world and help make it into a better place.

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