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Our Approach

Small Classroom Sizes

Sino Bright School students are taught in an inclusive environment where classroom sizes are limited to fifteen to twenty people. Teachers are able to have personal attention to students and to develop flexible teaching methods that match the students’ needs. Our comfortable classroom experience promotes better student participation and engagement, while securing increased student achievement.

Personalized Academic Counsellor

Our schools and head offices offer teams of experienced academic counselors to guide and assist students through their high school program and university application. With the support of the academic counselor, students will be fully aware of their responsibilities, timeline and goals to achieve their desired result.

Events and Extra-Curricular Activity

Sino Bright School organizes a wide variety of activities, including volunteering, holiday events, and sports throughout the year to enrich student life. In addition, we host summer and winter programs in Powell River for students to engage, explore, and learn compassionately in a beautiful city.

Adaptation to New Environment

Adaptation is an important and evitable skill to acquire throughout an individual’s life. It promotes learning, personal growth, flexibility, and opportunities. In order to prepare our students for university and their future career, we require students (unless requested) to continue their studies in a different campus location every year. Our schools strives to contain our students in a familiar supporting and welcoming environment, but putting the students out of their comfort zone. Students will find excitement in a different location and the opportunity to learn, meet and thrive in our program while feeling well fit in the atmosphere.

Post Class Academic Enrichment

Sino Bright School is dedicated to provide its students the opportunity to learn and solidify their academic knowledge after class. The Academic Enrichment program is taught by professional and experienced teachers to improve the students’ overall performance in class and examinations. It is designed and tailored for students who are seeking extra knowledge to achieve superb academic and personal goals to ultimately become effective communicators in all aspects in international contexts. The program will also assist the students in university preparation examinations including IELTS and SAT.​

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