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International Exchange Program

Sino Bright School's International Exchange Program gives students the opportunity to study abroad to either Canada or China. With 10 Campuses across China and Canada all interlinked together, course credits are all transferable. Students can apply to our head office to study at different cities/ countries, to graduate with a grade 12 diploma, or to study at summer school.


Sino Bright School offers the highest standard of academic excellence to its students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and is committed to offering high quality, comprehensive education programs consisting of locally developed programs, fine arts, and services. We participate in homestay programs in Canada to provide exchange students the chance to experience cultural differences through being immersed in a safe, caring and welcoming environment.

Home Stay:
China to  Canada

Homestay helps foster relationships between students and local families by sharing time, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. It plays a key role in the international student experience and greatly enhances the overall success of these students.  The primary purpose behind homestay placement is to give international students the opportunity to experience life with a Canadian family while they develop their English language skills in a caring, comfortable family setting.  While living in a homestay, international students learn about, and begin to adapt to, Canadian culture and develop lifelong friendships.


Our Screening

Local homestay agencies interview all homestay families and each home is individually visited.  Homestay families are carefully screened, must be prepared to include students in family activities, and are encouraged to spend quality time with the students and treat them like extended members of the family.  Homestay companies work closely with families to ensure safety, security, and comfort to the international students.​


Boarding Life:
Canada to China

Sino Bright School China uses a boarding school model instead. Boarding is not an afterthought on our campus; it is the very heart of this school. Our community is special, defined by a culture of inclusion and empowerment. Students learn to become young adults in a contemporary setting, surrounded by caring friends and mentors, in relationships that last well beyond their years at Sino Bright.


Our Boarding Life Initiative is complex, vibrant, and holistic and includes our advisor system, houseparenting teams, prep (homework time), house events, outings, and activities as well as peer counseling. We invest time and energy in creating a vibrant and supportive environment in our boarding houses so students feel at home and can be themselves. Community, challenge, opportunity, and support are words Graduates use to describe life here. 

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